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Metal Wall Tiles, Ceramic or Porcelain Wall Tiles, Travertine or Granite Wall Tiles, Marble Wall Tiles, Translucent Glass Wall Tiles. TLC TILE PROS TAMPA will help with wall tile design & choosing the right wall tile for your home or business. For discounts on thinset, tile, & grout, call TLC TILE PROS TAMPA.

Tampa Wall Tile Options

Wall Tile Options

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Tampa Wall Tile Options

Wall Tile Options

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Tiling your bathroom & shower walls with nice quality wall tile creates an easy surface to clean with low maintenance. Not only does tile on the walls look great but wall tile also protects walls against water & steam in both kitchen backsplash,tub walls, & shower walls.

Decorative wall tiles come in many different materials ideal for kitchen backsplashes, shower wall tiles, bathroom wall tiles, fireplace tiles or any wall installations

Metal Wall Tiles

Copper tiles, stainless steel tiles, pewter tiles or bronze tiles can be a great selection for contemporary kitchen backsplashes, accent walls or any decorative trendy tile projects. For discount on metal tiles, call TLC TILE PROS TAMPA.

Decorative Glass Tiles

Experience beauty, shimmering wall tile designs, resistance to mechanical, chemical and climate influences, easy to maintain alternative to traditional tiles, glass tiles make use of the light due to their reflective properties, adding color and light to your newly renovated space with a modern look, anti-slip surface options, suitable for any interior, exterior, commercial or residential application. For discount on glass tiles, call TLC TILE PROS TAMPA.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile offer a wide range of versatility in terms of style & color. Ceramic wall tiles are easy to maintain and known for their longevity in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and all other wet areas in your home or business. Ceramic wall tiles will resist stains and discoloring if you avoid amonia-based cleaners to keep the top surface of the porous ceramic material sealed with the glaze. For discount on ceramic tiles, call TLC TILE PROS TAMPA.

Porcelain Wall Tiles

Porcelain wall tiles are made of finely-ground sand pressured under high high temperature making it a stronger material than ceramic and more difficult to install. For discount on ceramic tiles, call TLC TILE PROS TAMPA.

Travertine Wall Tiles

Travertine tile is a porous natural stone made of calcite and yet, can be used for countertops, backsplashes, distinctive travertine tile wall in bathroom showers if properly sealed and routinely resealed for protection. Travertine is suitable for exterior and interior use. For discount on travertine tiles, call TLC TILE PROS TAMPA.

Granite Wall Tiles

Granite tiles are hard, stain and scratch resistant, requiring little maintenance. They come in many colors and patterns and will maintain their original appearance for a long time. They are often used in terraces, waterfalls and gardens. For discount on granite tiles, call TLC TILE PROS TAMPA.

Marble Wall Tiles

Marble tiles radiate elegance and timeless beauty and are always seen as a classic choice for bath tub and shower surrounds. They come in a large selection of natural earth backgrounds and colors. For discount on marble tiles, call TLC TILE PROS TAMPA.


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